Q. Who is Sav-On Software? What does the company do?
Sav-On Software, since 1993, started NOT with a product idea, but with an idea of what kind of software professional services company we want to be. We are building the company that is different from the status quo. Sav-On Software represents fairness in dealing with our customer, consultants and our vendors.
Q. Who handles the operation of Sav-On Software web site?
Sav-On Software web site is designed and maintained by High-Tech Compu-Pro Inc. Should you wish to contact webmaster via e-mail, please complete the Contact Webmaster form.
Q. How do I hire Sav-On Software Consultants for contract work?
If you wish to inquire our services please contact our head office at (781)246- 9500 or should you wish to contact us via e-mail, please complete the Contact Us form.
Q. What are the qualifications of Sav-On Software Consultants?
Our Consultants are technically qualified and experienced in information technology industry. We make sure our consultants are perfectly certified in their respective fields they are working. We also encourage our consultants to get certify themselves in certain fields which are required by our valuable clients. Our consultants are specialized in certain fields like Client/Server, Internet, IBM Mainframes etc.
Q. Why should I become a client to Sav-On Software?
A. Sav-On Software invites you to become a client to take certain advantage of special offers, privileges and make ourselves an authorized consulting firm for your IT department to provide a valuable and high quality solutions. We bend ourselves to resolve any issue.

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